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ECOloading is a type of high performance shiploading equipment developed exclusively for large maritime and port facilities. Port terminals have been searching for new ways to load your granulated materials and loose products on ships. Until now loading bulk cargo depended on variables such as: weather conditions, (ie., incidence of wind, rain, etc.) as well as environmental concerns.

Often ships wait in the queue (in line) in ports expecting for better weather conditions to load their cargo holds. Although this is done to prevent the port terminals fines for causing pollution it still has an impact to the environment. ECOloading emerges as the principal and best solution for the port segment.
ECOloading is a high tech solution that joins innovation and daring into one product that promotes the improvement of productivity on ports and allows efficient loading that protects the cargo.
Its structure was specially engineered to protect the load from the elements (rain, wind) to end the release of particle of products in bulk into the air that are generated by the conventional way of loading. It is also to prevent the entry of birds and other animals in the hold of the ship. For these reasons, companies that will use this great and new technology will increase the success of their operations lower their expenses rather than spend money on the unnecessary payment of fines for damages caused to the environment and demurrage. The cost-effectiveness of ECOloading is indescribable.
As the ultimate technology for ports ECOloading is patented and intended for visionary investors and companies whom are focused on improvement for ports, technology, success, and making a difference by protecting the environment but also they want a Return on Investment (ROI) in the short term. Employing a technological solution like ours is necessary to be competitive and achieve the expected results in the market. ECOloading is certainly the best and the only equipment of its kind so don’t waste more time… LOAD IT!
How it works


Watch the vídeos to see the real operation of a full scale prototype of ECOloading in action at a port terminal:


Operation Test of the Prototype – the hold with vertical opening (coverage under development).

Test of the Prototype – on rainy condition
(coverage under development)

Operation Test of the Prototype – the hold with horizontal opening




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